Flax to Go™ is a tasty, premium wellness bar that incorporates ground whole flaxseed as its main ingredient and is high in fibre.

It offers a natural approach to healthy, benefit-oriented eating, and is an easy, convenient option for people interested in taking responsibility for their health.

Your daily Dose of flaxability

Daily dose of Flax

Each 50g Flax to Go™ bar includes:

21.5g (Over 2 Tbsp) of golden flax -
Over 50% of the daily amount of ground whole flaxseed shown to help lower cholesterol levels;

5g of omega-3 fatty acid – An essential fatty acid that has anti-inflammatory properties;

7g of total fibre – A combination of both soluble and insoluble fibre that provides a variety of health benefits;

And it's naturally gluten-free – Ideal for people with celiac or non-celiac sensitivity.

The Recognized Benefits of
Flax Consumption

In 2014, based on the strength of scientific data, Health Canada approved a health claim linking the consumption of ground whole flaxseed to the lowering of blood cholesterol — a major risk factor for heart disease.

The three main health-promoting components in ground flaxseed are: omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), plant lignans and soluble fibre.

Canada is the only country in the world to allow a cholesterol lowering, health-related claim for flaxseed.

More information on the beneficial relationship of flax consumption and the reduction of cholesterol is available at Health Canada’s web site.

Flax Seed
Flax to Go™ Bars

Get to Know Us!

Flax to Go was developed by Kelli Skwark, who has been a strong proponent of flax consumption and its associated health benefits throughout her 20-year nutrition counselling career. Kelli now focuses on the development of functional food products that deliver recognized health benefits to consumers.

Flax to Go™ premium wellness bars are manufactured in Canada and are available in Saskatoon at:

  • SaskMade Marketplace
    1621 8th Street East
    Buy Online
  • Dad's Organic Market
  • Michael's Independent Grocer
    2815 Wanuskewin Road
  • Prairie Unique Gifts (Saskatoon Airport)
    13-2625 Airport Drive
  • Sangster's Organic Market
    214 1st Avenue South
  • Sangster's Lawson Heights Mall
    A-16 134 Primrose Dr.
  • Lead Pilates
    214 Joseph Okemasis Drive
  • University of Saskatchewan Book Stores

Flax to Go™ was supported by the Saskatchewan Agri-Value Initiative (SAVI) under the Canada-Saskatchewan Growing Forward 2 bi-lateral agreement.

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